Network Defense

It’s no secret that your networks and data are being attacked from all sides.    Attacks are more sophisticated, data is more valuable and your networks are more complex, making you more vulnerable than ever.  Protecting your electronic data from theft or misuse requires more than simply bigger firewalls.   To adequately protect your electronic assets, you must be able to detect and respond to attacks when -- not if -- they happen.

We can show you how to secure your networks so that you can detect and respond effectively to attacks.  We specialize in building defensible networks that repel attacks and arm you with the information you need to take action to protect your data.

The result?  A network that actively repels attacks and uncovers stealthy hackers hidden in your systems.  And for your auditors, you also get documented evidence that you are protecting data and complying with regulations.

Wireless Networking

Is your wireless network tying you down?    Managing wireless networks smartphones, laptops and tablets, while providing the level of service your staff expects can be daunting.  We can help.

We’ve helped major healthcare organizations deploy wireless networking to provide their clinical staff immediate access to patient data, medical images and robust communications, while protecting privacy.  We’ve helped small offices deploy full featured wireless networking, so they can compete with the big guys.  We’ve helped government agencies give wireless internet access to visitors while providing secure wireless access for their employees.

From wireless assessments to deployment and troubleshooting, whether your network is large or small, We can make your wireless more reliable, faster and more secure.


Enterprise Network Design and Implementation

Our experienced network architects have real-world expertise in network design, implementation and troubleshooting from large, multi-national organizations to single offices.  From perimeter security to data center virtualization, whether it's data, voice, video or wireless, we can provide you with proven strategies to make your network run faster and more reliably.



BYOD -- They make it sound like a party!  You know it’s anything but.

Remote access, guest access, partner access:  it’s getting harder to tell who should have access to your data and from where.  If you’re struggling with granting the right access to your network, we can help you design and deploy a robust  authentication system that allows the right people in at only the right time. You will be confident that your data is accessed securely by only those authorized to see it.  And, when the auditors come, you’ll have the records to prove it.   Now, that is something to celebrate!